Blended Learning Needs to Work For all Students

The idea of our workshop approach and the use blended learning is to personalize learning. This means that students are centered in the learning in relationship to the standards and mastery of the standards. Blended learning serves as a tool for learning the standards in a different way. However, we know that different instructional moves are needed for different students. We need to know who blended learning tools are working for and how we can maximize what it offers.

As teachers, we need to explore the idea of doing some mini-research with our kids so we know which programs work for which kids. This would involve picking a high, medium, and low student and one of our blended learning platforms. Then doing a pre-measure with a dibels or a standard assessment with the three students and ensuring they meet the minutes for the given program for 4 weeks and then doing the measure again. It would be interesting to a) see who learns best with the program, and 2) how this changes with more support from an adult. Teachers need to conduct research with all practices we implement to ensure they are working for all students.

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